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5 Tips For Effective Content

For an online marketing campaign to obtain the right results, commitment is key. Commit to producing effective content, which creates a bond with the online community and is a way for them to see that your objectives go far beyond just revenue.

Establish the definition of success for your company, so your content strategy can zero in on specific objectives such as boosting awareness of your brand.

Here are 5 elements to achieving effective content.

  1. High quality content

Search engines base rankings on factors such as quality content. With a more Internet-savvy audience, clean copy, written with no spelling and grammatical mistakes, and working web links are crucial.

A thorough process to edit content will produce messaging that is consistent, reinforced with keywords and themes.

Google’s Panda algorithm update removes repeated, low-quality content sites, internally and externally. This provides more impetus to ensure your content is top-notch so you can rank higher on its top search results.

  1. Strong titles

During the conceptualisation period, it is best to delineate your company’s target audience. Collect information on business rivals to get a sense of what they are creating. This will push your content towards topics that will connect you to the target demographic.

Hone your titles to make it snappy and interesting. Include keywords, and scatter the same phrases in the main text as well.

  1. Content that is helpful

Learn more about the audience you’re aiming for, so you can design online campaigns suited for them.

Customise your content to make it useful for your audience. They will be more likely to share it if it offers them advantages. Useful content consist of infographics, video clips, interactive content such as surveys and quizzes, user guides and listicles. Always cater the use of such tools to your target audience.

  1. Creativity

Try out new ways of expressing your message. Package your content in an innovative way instead of using the methods you’re used to.

Inject your content with related events and timely news stories to keep it up to date and relatable.

Hardsell tactics will be obvious to readers so convince them instead by outlining factors that will benefit them, and provide a reason for them to read more. Online attention spans are short, so avoid being long-winded.

  1. Be active

Maintain visibility by keeping active on various online platforms, such as social media or blogs. High activity will boost brand awareness and online traffic, elevating your rankings in the long term.

Balance the number of posts as too many might spam your audience, while too few will have little impact. Gauge and modify until you hit the sweet spot.

Here’s what we recommend as a start:

Twitter: three posts daily

Facebook: twice daily

Google+: three posts daily

Pinterest: three posts daily

LinkedIn: Once a day

Of course, one size does not fit all. Keep playing around until you find what’s right for you, and keep your plan flexible to take in changes when necessary.

Remember, the key is to draw up an exhaustive content marketing plan so you can focus on important parts that you’ve already highlighted and scheduled in promotions to share your content.

Now that you’ve got this down-packed, be sure to read our post How To Plan The Ultimate Social Media Strategy for more tips on creating the best marketing plan for you. Good luck!