Posted on January 30, 2016 by AAAGENCY on digital marketing, Health, Healthcare

Crucial Metrics Healthcare Marketers Should be Tracking

Determining the success of your digital marketing efforts lies heavily in how efficiently you track metrics that will allow you to measure ROI and your digital footprint. However, metrics aren’t a one size fits all situation. Important metrics vary from industry to industry and this is especially true for the healthcare industry. If you’re a […]

Posted on January 10, 2016 by AAAGENCY on digital marketing, Healthcare

What You Need to Bring Healthcare Marketing to the New Age

Digital marketers in the healthcare industry have that extra challenge of making sure they’re always in compliance with government regulations to ensure products and services are marketed in accordance to the law. With such stringent laws, it can be intimidating to bring the marketing of healthcare services to the 21st century. But with today’s marketing […]

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How To Plan The Ultimate Social Media Strategy

Our previous blog post, 5 Tips For Effective Content, gives you tips on how to enhance the level of your content. Here are some more tips to help you build your marketing plan and create the ultimate social media strategy. If done well, blogging can lead to a successful social media campaign. There’s a big […]

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Optimize Your Mobile PPC Strategy

Many companies do not have a dedicated mobile PPC strategy. In fact, an eConsultancy study found that no strategy exists at all in about one in five businesses, while 45% of companies are in the process of securing one. In addition, according to Google, more searches are being done via mobile rather than on desktop […]