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How to use visuals to fetch followers on Social Media?

It is a known fact that people remember what they see more than what they hear. Infinite Images appear all over your Facebook/Instagram news feeds, how can you get your image/video to attract attention?

Add Images To Facebook Updates For 2.3x More Engagement
One cannot overlook the fact that there has been a decline in Facebook organic page reach, which has made it difficult for Social marketers to move smoothly. However, research proves that adding images to your Facebook updates will give you 2.3x more engagement. Ensure that you upload the image itself rather than Facebook having to pull it from the code on your post.

Use Video To Reach More People
Although photo posts receive incredible engagement, Facebook is taking away its ability to reach more followers to the point that it now has the lowest organic reach of any kind of update, with video posts gettting more than double that reach.

The average person watched 182 online videos per month. You don’t have create original video content always, you just need to upload it. Facebook might have been the start, but you can now experiment with video on tons of networks: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ (well, YouTube) all have ways to use video to reach your audience.

Images Are Still King On Twitter, Though
Tweets with images had more than double the retweets and nearly double the likes of those that don’t contain images. More retweets would lead to more exposure. More exposure will fetch more engaged followers.

Use The 3 Most Shareable Colors On The Internet
Ever wondered what makes the most shareable images on social media?
Study shows that using red, pink and purple in your graphics got you the most shares and interactions. The reason being that, they’re deep visceral colors that draw out hidden emotions in people.