Posted on March 30, 2016 by AAAGENCY on property development, real estate

Are Property Brochures and Computer Generated Imagery dying out?

The cornerstone of any good property marketing strategy

While we need to focus on digital marketing, it would be foolish to assume the print property brochure is dead. People still love the smell of paper, the texture, the weight, the vibrancy and the craftsmanship that goes into designing, illustrating and print finishing a beautiful property brochure.

However, there are a few new players on the market. The iBrochure and the App, both of which should be considered as powerful tools to get more mileage from the effort that has gone into creating the printed brochure. Re-purposing good content is a great way to get more bang-for-your-buck.

If you are hoping to sell off-plan then CGI is a necessity. CGI should be viewed as an exact replica of what you intend to build, not an artist’s interpretation of it. It should look like a photograph of the finished property so there is a lot of forward planning and foresight needed to ensure this happens. Interior designers, architects, agents etc all need to be involved to insure your CGI partner depicts the finished product accurately.

Your CGIs should not be amateur, cartoony, badly composed or soulless. A great deal of the buyer’s’ decision relies solely on the emotion created by good quality high-end CGI. A potential buyer should look at the CGI and imagine cooking in the kitchen or relaxing on that sofa. If your CGI’s look fabricated, the buyer’s’ confidence drops as they begin to question what the end product actually is.


Checklist for brochure content

» Property specific Brand Identity

» Good quality copy covering, architecture, amenities, transport links, social and recreational

» 3D Floor plans of each unit with metric dimensions

» Internal and external CGI’s of each unit

» Location Map

» Site Plan

» Aerial and lifestyle photography

» Special features and specifications

» Disclaimer

» Selling agents details