Posted on March 24, 2016 by AAAGENCY on property development, real estate

Strategizing Content for Property Developers

Buyers in the very early stages are not ready to talk to agents or developers at first. They are only contemplating the idea of buying, and as such need broader information to orient themselves. At this stage, all we are trying to do is make contact with the buyer, help them out by providing some useful information that matches their current stage, and try to connect with them as they progress along the path to purchase.

Content drives leads

Content is the key to reaching buyers at each stage of their journey, capturing leads and keeping them coming back. By focusing on creating the content that people are looking for when they are at the Consideration & Active search stages of the buyer journey, you are positioning yourself to capture those visitors and have them on your website, and not your competitors or 3rd party sites – and thus convert them to leads.


What information do buyers look for when doing active research?

» Floor plans / site plans

» Location maps

» Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

» Pictures / concepts

» Virtual tours & 3D walkthroughs

» Area information

» House price guides/data

Some of the content you will create will be evergreen, and some will be campaign specific (i.e. only relevant to your latest property development project). The most important task with any inbound or content marketing activity is to define your customer.

Are your prospects first-time buyers, young professionals, families, or retirees?

The content you develop should match your project and be anchored by crystal clear buyer personas. Write them down, and share with your marketing and channelpartners to ensure everything aligns. A mistake that is often made is assuming your target market is open to everyone… Whilst you wouldn’t turn down any sale your marketing should always be focused on a particular demographic. Targeting everyone dilutes your marketing effort.