Posted on April 5, 2016 by AAAGENCY on property development, real estate

Why Property developers need to prioritise visual content ?

Rich and engaging visual content is without doubt, one of the most critical tools in the property marketer’s arsenal. Leading research provider Nielsen and the IAB report that video is known to make a marketing campaign more effective through generating an increase in brand recall (+33%) and message recall (+45%).  At all stages of the buyer journey, rich media is an essential piece of content to get right. Buyers are often occupied, bookmarking and saving articles in order to build their list of potentials for viewing later – so long winded pages of text can be off-putting. Better to quickly deliver the key information, in a visual and engaging way. And always think mobile.

Make every stage of the journey visual

Using 3D visualization, property developers and real estate marketer’s can create accurate imagery for their marketing campaigns from the outset, building assets that speak to buyers at each stage of the buying process. From pre-development concepts to virtual tours, photo-realistic views of finished properties, neighborhood flyover shots and futuristic views of the surrounding environment – visual communications within property marketing have never been more powerful. Intricate technical details can be explained easily using 3D animation, showcasing innovative technologies, unique selling points and hidden structural features that make your properties stand out.

With a carefully planned suite of visual marketing aids, your imagery can be used on a wide variety of materials, from brochures, websites, apps and social media.


With so many house buyers flocking to YouTube and other online video destinations during their house-hunt, you cannot afford to neglect video as part of your marketing strategy. The ability to animate 3D cameras to create fly-arounds, walk-throughs, objects, and complex animations, affords maximum flexibility and creative freedom when showcasing homes using video. In addition, the use of video can be beneficial not just for consumer marketing, but also for architects and designers, by flagging up design flaws long before production. If you can adjust design problems before prototyping or going on site to start building you can save money and time.



You may wish to use a mixture of live video, and 3D animation when creating your video marketing assets. Each has their advantages, but animation can certainly relieve the headaches associated with creating live video when taking into account the need for presenters, camera crews, location permits, health & safety, project management of multiple suppliers, and even the weather !